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Each according to his/her ability,
to each according to his/her needs.

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What is p.a.l.m.i.e.r? A 7-flat house in the center of Athens rented last summer in order to serve as a collective and solidarian housing project. Inside, reside 40 refugees of all ages and of around 10 different nationalities

All of them used to live in refugee squats that no longer exist

as a result of the repressive policies of the new Greek government.

In this situation, having an urgent need for a housing alternative, a group of locals and refugees active in the solidarity movement, decided to find a more permanent solution by renting a large house. The idea behind this was one of a self-organized housing project, building upon the experiences of the last years and retaining the red fade of the common struggles of both locals and refugees.

— Solidarity will win!








Monthly Rent

Solidarity Will Win

Keep the the flame of solidarity alive,
Regain the hope and the power for the struggles to come.


Our first goal is to keep the house going for one year!

Calling for Solidarity

Contributions by the residents


We should be prepared for the possibility that some residents may not be able to contribute consistently to the costs.

Need for Solidarity funds


Per Month

To cover the part of the rent and insurance for the building, logistics and the cost of possible repairs.

What You Can Do


Per Month

Support this project of ongoing solidarity by donating each month for one year continuously.


*we are calling for support of persons and groups who share and feel the necessity of such projects in Athens. We are calling for people in solidarity, former residents of squats who now reside abroad, the various collectives and the solidarity groups.

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Kypseli, Athens


Spetson 59 Str,
Spiti Allileggiys.

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