PALMIER Solidarity House Athens

Solidarity House “Palmier” is closing. The struggle goes on!

With this words we want to thank from our heart all of our friends and comrades who supported our self-organized project “Palmier”-Solidarity House since July 2019.

In May 2021 in our “House Assembly” we decided to end the project, under the pressure of serious financial difficulties during the corona period and – most importantly – due to inner contradictions and conflicts which have put the continuation of the project into risk. Following this decision we had put a lot of effort to end the project in a decent way and without being indebted. And we succeeded: On the 1st of July all of the residents families and individuals of the 7flat building we rent have moved in different private apartments. Financially we managed also to end with a small amount in our bank account which will be transferred to other solidarity projects or actions.

The closure of the Solidarity House “Palmier” leaves us with a bitter-sweet memory. It marks the end of a period of migrant’ solidarity and anti-racist resistance since 2015-2016. It was then when all of us, residents and supporters of Palmier House, have met in solidarity projects and refugee squats, with most prominent the “Best Hotel in Europe”. Now we have to close a project that inspired us but proved too difficult to last on the background of the changing personal and political circumstances. Nevertheless, each of one of us continues to stand with solidarity, insisting against the policies of racism and criminalization of solidarity. Because the most important is to keep hope, regain power and live in solidarity again and again and again…!

Solidarity will win!